Can wellbutrin make you gain weight

can wellbutrin make you gain weight

79 Answers - Posted in: wellbutrin, depression, sleep disorders, bupropion - Answer: it's unusual to gain weight on wellbutrin. it actually is a. Lacking proper sleep quantity and/or quality can result in hormonal fluctuations that make it easier to gain weight. Therefore if you have a. Sometimes switching within the same class of drugs can make a huge difference. mitigate some weight gain, while adding low doses of Wellbutrin or naltrexone (a "Even if you don't lose weight immediately, you can begin. can wellbutrin make you gain weight And that includes pregnancies. There tramadol wellbutrin been much debate over the difference between bupropion generic and Wellbutrin. It may also reduce the amount of breast milk a mother produces. Is this common? Bupropion Rating Summary User Ratings Learn basic guidelines, from which diets to avoid and which to…. This states their potential for increased risk of suicidal thoughts and actions in children, teens, and young adults during the early stages of treatment. A study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology suggested a link between Wellbutrin taken in the first trimester and congenital heart defects but found that click to see more data was needed to confirm a connection. Gabby January 21,am. I was extremely overweight, thanks to can wellbutrin make you gain weight other meds, so I asked to be put back on Wellbutrin SR so I could attempt to lose 90 pounds. It is also important to talk with your healthcare provider before stopping or starting any medications. However if you are on it I would suggest an anxiolytic like atarax or a benzo like valium to counter the hyperness this drug MAY Coming off of an antidepressant should be done under the supervision of a health care provider. I was on celexa for click here months and the last month I started gaining a significant amount of weight. Bad side effects. Q: I have had lapband surgery and must crush my medications. My doctor tapered me off of it and I didn't have a crazy breakdown with the withdrawal, but I also didn't lose any of the weight. And it has helped tremendously so I am wanting to stay on it. Other side effects may include constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache, increased sweating, nervousness and restlessness, taste changes, trouble sleeping and weight changes. I was reading an article, and it suggested that I take what I have listed. Do not crush, chew, or break an extended-release tablet. Both weight loss and weight gain have been reported in studies of weight changes while taking Wellbutrin. Q: Can Wellbutrin cause weight gain? Extreme caution must be used when taking Wellbutrin with other drugs that lower the "seizure threshold," continue reading as other products containing bupropion, antipsychotic medications, wellbutrin antidepressants, drugs used for respiratory problems, or certain corticosteroids that may be taken for asthma. I started taking it just a month or so ago. Matt Curley, PharmD. Q: What are the effects of Wellbutrin? Add my expanding waistline and wellburtin, this pill is perfection!!

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